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Alan “Dean” Frizzell Memorial
Alan “Dean” Frizzell Memorial

Alan “Dean” Frizzell

Alan “Dean” Frizzell

Thursday, March 16th, 2017

Alan “Dean” Frizzell, 56, a longtime resident of Sedro-Woolley, passed away at his home on March 14, 2017, surrounded by his loving family.

Dean was born in Sedro-Woolley on June 8, 1960, the son of Olin & Lois (Gaspard) Frizzell. Dean spent his childhood growing up in California and then Bellevue, WA until the family returned to Sedro-Woolley in 1970. He graduated from S-WHS with the class of 1978.

Dean then began a 20 year journey that most do not survive. This journey provided him the motivation, inspiration, and personal experience that propelled Dean to the top in his field. In 2004, Dean graduated with a Degree in Human Services from Skagit Valley College. Specializing in Chemical dependency he began a career that culminated in saving many lives. From his beginnings at Skagit Recovery center and throughout his final days with Phoenix Recover Center, Dean counseled, educated, and inspired those traveling down that road that Dean had become all too familiar with. He approached each person, with humility and compassion, respect and the strength of our Lord, leading many to live a life free from the catastrophic disease known as addition.

When Dean was diagnosed with cancer and told to make the most of his time remaining, he immediately set out in an attempt to construct a place for anybody searching for Freedom; Freedom from addiction, from conflict, freedom from that which prevents the reward of living a life of commitment with ease and grace. He got a good start on it.

Dean is survived by his children, Ryan Wheeler, and Acee Frizzell of Spokane and Jake Mitchell of Lyman; grandchildren, Malibu & William Shaw of Spokane; siblings, Dennis Frizzell and wife Audrey of Sedro-Woolley, Gail Spurrier and companion Tom Barber of La Conner, Laura Sanders and companion Randy Ensley, Suzanne Durkee, Dale Frizzell, Jennine Pressnell all of Sedro-Woolley, Kenneth Frizzell and companion Sonya Avery of Jacksonville, FL and Rhonda Dugan of Sedro-Woolley, who from the moment of Dean’s diagnosis never left his side; Aunt Jollene, who, through her loving care and attention, provided such comfort to Dean and his family, making it obvious where Dean inherited his grace and humble manner. He is also survived by numerous cousins, who Dean loved, and who provided him with the memories that made him laugh the longest. So many Aunts and Uncles, all of whom at one time or another, seemed at close as a parent who you could talk to at any time. Dean was blessed to have many truly great friends; two of whom are Rick McConnell and Mike McConnell. It was Dean’s good fortune when a decision was made, several years ago, to share the large “Frizzell” family home with these 2 brothers. The writer apologizes for the inability to know where to begin listing those closest to Dean. But to you all, with gratitude so deep, thank you. Dean was preceded in death by his parents, Olin & Lois.

Funeral Services will be held on Monday, March 20, 2017 at 1:00 PM. at Lemley Chapel in Sedro-Woolley. Interment will follow at Sedro-Woolley Union Cemetery. A Pot Luck Reception immediately following services will be held at the Sedro-Woolley Community Center.


  • Heather

    Dean-O, I still remember your unwilling, fully-clothed launch into Big Lake with your brand new cell phone in your pocket. I ran home for a bowl of rice to bury it in. You maintained forgiveness and good humor, as much as you could. Thank you for being first my friend, then my counselor. Thank you for your amazing sense of humor, your frank honesty, and your non-judgemental compassion. Thank you for your warm and welcoming smile and patient ear even when one could see that you were feeling worn down and weary from the day’s endeavors. Thank you so much for letting me be a small part of your life, and for the impact you made in mine. I think it’s your turn to calm down, sir. ??

  • Rhonda Dugan (aka lil sis)

    i love you brother & miss you more than i ever could have imagined…you are the greatest part of me…till we meet again…

  • Victoria

    Dean helped me with a family member when I had no one else. His humor, kindness, and caring will never be forgotten.

  • Misses Wake

    Dean, I never had the chance to say this to you before you have left us to go to heaven. But I thank you so much for helping me succeed thru my own challenges I had in recovery.You were there when I first came in and was there when I had successfully completed treatment, I was very happy when you had presented me my certificate of completion and told me ” TOLD YOU, YOU COULD DO IT” I was very proud and happy, because I came along ways and you were the one that was there guiding me thru it. You are the best counselor I had. Thank you for always having that heart of gold and believing in me. YOUR QUOTE ” Ma’ am, Ma’ am YOU GOTTA ‘ CALM DOWN’ lol PSH PSH!!!! FOREVER IN ME & MY HUSBANDS HEART & EVERYONE ELSES. REST IN PEACE DEAN. FOREVER WILL BE MISSED

  • Ryan Fisher

    I first met Dean, on my first serious attempt at sobriety beginning in June 2002. I was greatly influenced at the time by my oldest brother Tony Fisher who was going to Skagit at the time, both him and Dean not only were doing the Human Services/ Chemical dependency deal but recovery most importantly. That’s where me and Dean’s friendship would begin and blossom from there and he would go onto become like he did with so many others, a friend, confidant, mentor, leader, peer, brother and no matter where I was at be it good or bad, Dean was always the same towards me he would however when I was messing up give me a good big brotherly kick in the ass when need be, he was never afraid to call me on my bs you see because in recovery that’s a life or death deal, Dean was never one to sugarcoat or pat anyone on the ass and say that’s OK he would give you the constructive criticism you needed, but he was also very compassionate, loving tried to offer you support, solutions to what you were struggling with or going through. Dean was very active in his field as most have noted but he always brought a very special style to learning workshops involving recovery topics that most myself in particular had never saw, you see Dean liked to be animated, have fun when teaching and bringing things that normally were very dry and spice them up with humor and pizasse like only Dean could and he did it well. That’s the Dean Frizzell I’ll remember for the rest of my days the guy who’s very motto was “if you’re not having fun in recovery you’re not doing it right”, and Dean lived that for nearly the entire 14 years plus I knew him. Gonna miss you brother but I’m so happy you’re celebrating pain free with you’re new body in Heaven up there with brother, so many others in the great meeting in the sky. Also I’ll say this and finally stop writing much love and respect for the Frizzell family it is truly devastating losing a sibling, lean on each other, friends those that will love you and support you tirelessly no matter what time of day or night. I just want you to all know I’m one of those people who you can come to for whatever if need be. Much love and respect and God bless and comfort you all during this most trying time.

  • Bob Ireland

    To all of the Frizzell’s, ONLY THE GOOD DIE YOUNG it surptrises me to learn how young Dean was. To know him was to love him, same for all of you guys

  • Lisa Fernie-Dellinger

    Dean was a classmate of mine in High School. I have very fond and fun memories of Dean. To the Frizzell Family and the Special People in Dean’s life, I am so deeply sorry for your loss. Dean was such an inspiration to so many people and brought so much substance and healing to the world. Truly Dean has earned his special place in heaven.

  • Laurie P.

    Dean did an amazing job of leading people into a recovery that could last them a lifetime. I appreciate the way he picked up and supported Sedro Woolley Group keeping AA alive for us. Thank you to his family who suffered their own loss both as he grew up and entered a life worth living. He will be missed.

  • Becky DeBoer

    My heartfelt condolences to all family and friends. Dean you were an amazing inspiration to myself and many more RIP my friend

  • Karen Newburn

    Dean will be missed. We had alot of good laughs and created good memories while attending Skagit Valley College in the Human Services Program. Dean made a difference in every contact he made. RIP

  • Lisa Teays

    I will miss that smile and awesome laugh along with everything else. RIP Dean. May you be playing pinochle with our predecessors. God’s speed you’ll be missed

  • Brianna Grayhek

    I will forever be grateful for everything that you taught me, Dean. My first introduction/ interaction with Dean was when I started my own journey with recovery from mind altering substances and he was one of my counselors. He always had such a great sense of humor and he taught me so much about how to re-emerge as a functioning, healthy person, encouraged me to embrace what I was experiencing. I am forever thankful for everything that you taught me and I’m gonna miss you and your sarcastic sense of humor! Lol RIP Dean Frizzell, thank you for everything!!

  • Angela Nelson

    Dean was such an amazing guy. His words, friendship and teachings will continue to have an impact in this community for many years to come. He was always very loving and staring at the same time with the lesson needed to be taught he genuinely cared about those around him and helping them to get on the right path we were all very blessed to have him in our lives and he will be missed. Rest in peace my friend

  • Joey Metcalf

    You were one funny guy that had a heart of gold you loved helping others and were so full of life you will be missed by many love you dean.

  • Chantel Cabe

    All my love and respect always! You inspired me, you showed me that just because something seems imposible that is not the case! When I wanted to give up you did not coddle me you lit a fire under my ass! When I fell short you did not judge you reached down to help me up! You touched my life and so many others thank you Dean❤

  • Rhonda Honts

    Dean will be missed by some many. He would tell everyone “Calm down”. He was always there to talk. RIP my dear friend.

  • Lauri

    You will be forever missed by many. You were a good friend to my children. Thank you for touching so many heart’s.

  • Deb Sears

    Love you brother. Thanks fir all the great times together and the laughter. You will be missed by all. A fine man indeed. Forever you will be in my heart. Remember to CALM DOWN. THIR.

  • Sue and Joe Sullivan

    We stand in awe, Dean, of the impact you have had on so many people. Because you were so humble, not one to brag about your accomplishments or of the lives you were instrumental in, breaking the chains of addiction, since living out of state most of your adult years only coming back to visit we were sadly aware of how many people from all walks of life you helped. Because Almighty God was your strength and He gave you His love to give out. We get to spend eternity with you.
    Aunt Sue and Uncle Joe