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Darrell Drummond Memorial
Darrell Drummond Memorial

Darrell Drummond

Darrell Drummond

Friday, April 15th, 2022

Darrell John Drummond, of Sedro-Woolley, WA passed away the evening of  April 15, 2022 at the age of 62.  He passed at the cabin where our family shared so many memories removed from the rush of the world.

He is survived by an army of family and friends whose lives will now be missing the joy he brought to everyone he met.  Darrel traveled through life enriching the lives of all those who were able to meet him.

We would like to invite all those who would like to participate to attend his Celebration of Life at Eagle Haven Winery, 8243 Sims Road, Sedro-Woolley, WA from 6pm to 8pm on Saturday, April 30, 2022.  We wish is celebrate the love he shared, like the sun warming all those he touched so that he will hopefully feel some of that warmth and love returned to him in his passing.  In his final act of love, he is giving us all a chance to put the world on hold, come together, and express how important our loved ones truly are to us.  Please join us to honor his life.

Instead of gifts the family would like people to plant a tree and post the GPS coordinates of all the trees in Darrell’s Forest to his Facebook so we can preserve the locations.

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  • John & Paula Pappas

    Darrell was always kind and generous. He was a real philanthropist. We are shocked and saddened, and we will miss him.
    May his memory be eternal.

  • Jerry Zanetti

    I’m going to sadly miss you my friend. You were Always a beam of brightness, truth, and hope.

  • Cheryl & Matt Kaufman

    You will be missed deeply Darrell. You always had a smile and a hug to share! Our prayers go out out to your family and friends for comfort and peace.

  • Brenda Suryan Sem

    DD what a guy! We miss you with our annual Birthday celebration with Kimmie (each a week a part), dinners, you cooking dinner and a movie at Kimmies. We did have some wonderful and fun times. Rest in Peace friend and classmate!

  • Shirley Coria

    My dearest life friend Darrell. We met 30 yrs ago and we never skipped a beat. Work, family and a special bond. You were my brother from another mother and I was blessed to have you in my life. You will never be forgotten as you shared so much of yourself to so many on this earth. Everyone who knew you knows this about you, especially the love you had for your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Virtual hugs always…..

  • Ronda

    Sending love and hugs to all of his family.
    Always remember the good times and keep them close to your heart!
    Trevor I wish I could be there beside you giving you the love you need! Know that I will be thinking of you my sweet boy! I love you Ronda

  • Susie Garrett

    Your words, thoughts and love will be forever carried in my heart.

    I feel like my heart has broken into a million pieces.

    Darrell J. Drummond there are no words to ever express the depth of our friendship, and the impact you had on every life you touched.

    Darrell and I met in 2002 through our separate business ventures, him as a financial advisor and me as a home care business owner. After many years of working together we became close friends.

    In 2012 Darrell needed homecare, and in true Darrell fashion he convinced me that I was the one to help him, and it was an Honor and I am thankful that I did. I grew so much as a human being and our friendship only depended from our time together.

    Over the past two decades we have shared philosophical discussions, brain storming sessions, lots of coffee, fantastic meals, some of which we cooked together, travels to the coast, and up to Washington with Uncle Herb. I had the honor of meeting Darrells family who he loved so deeply.

    Darrell accomplished so much in his life, he was a philanthropist in the truest sense, he gave to those who had nothing, he gifted from his heart with not just his money but his time.
    There are so many layers to my dear sweet friend.
    Darrell loved traveling, he loved taking his grandchildren on vacation, he also loved being in the trees and many times retreated to his little home in the woods at Big Lake, where he would hide away from the world and dig into a good book.
    Darrell did not like being the focus of attenion, he found it exhausting but always survived with a smile.
    I will miss your big hugs, I will miss your smiles, I will miss your daily texts and our chats.
    Rest in Peace, I Love you Sunshine.

  • Catherine marquez

    There’s no words to say my heart is sad and you will always be in my heart forever my friend and I will miss you so much 💔

  • Lori Clemo - schauer

    Darrell you were and still are in the hearts of many the warmth of the sun. you will be missed Rest In Peace my friend

  • Debbie Stafford

    My brother of the 💜 I’m still in shock that you are gone. You always had a smile that lit up a room, your sunny disposition caused people to gravitate to you, everyone was a friend and felt loved by you. You cheered for the underdogs, gave people a hand up not a hand out. If this world had more people like you it would be paradise. Tis was a sad day when you left us. Forever in our hearts, gone but not forgotten. Love you 💖

  • Crystal Burn

    Like hundreds of others, maybe thousands, Darrell was a big part of my life. A quick friend and confidant. I learned so much from him, laughed so much with him, even cried a little with him. He was one of my and my family’s biggest cheerleaders in life. I’m so glad We shared our vow renewal in Vegas with him and Anita and then had the murder mystery weekend just a short time ago. Precious time, the most important and valuable gift Darrell could ever give.
    Like many others, I’ll miss the daily texts, the hugs, his goofy jokes that i found hilarious because I say the same kind, and his words of encouragement.
    Forever in my heart. I’m blessed to have had this special person as a friend

  • Allison

    Deej, I’m at a loss for words, (shocking I know)! You were THEE most thoughtful generous man I’ve ever met, a true gentleman. So many memories, at the “cabin”, and in Cali. This world will never be the same without you in it.

  • Anita Azariah

    Dudzee, my love… I am so lost without you.
    We made so many wonderful memories in such a short time but there were so many more to make.
    How you planned and put all the dates on your calendar and shared them with me. You even made calendar appointments for dinner at our own home, lol.

    Morning lemon water, cacao, sunrises, walks, sunsets, drinks, big lake, gardens, and so much more would never be the same for me without my dude beside me.

    Thank you for loving me, loving my children. We all miss you…even Otis. Shamir is heartbroken. He misses building fires in the fire pit and having conversations with you. You mean a lot to him.

    You will always be in my heart.
    I love you more than I can express. You probably are smiling and saying, “ Not more than I love you honey”
    You will be missed with every breath I take, Until I see you again Darrell Drummond. Cheers 💕

  • Kim Brokaw

    I will miss our daily texts. Thank you for being such a good friend. Life just won’t be the same without our hugs and vacations.

  • Carrie (Butler) Onorati

    Darrell was one of my dearest friends in life. We shared a life full of memories, love and laughter. This world was changed because he lived and his memory will live on inside all of us all, until we see him again. We send you off with love Darrell Gods speed my friend. I will Love you forever

  • Brenda Grahn

    I will forever remember that last hug at Over Look Golf course last fall, you George and i were high fiven cause we were gonna get our social security at 62!
    Back track to the 70s…JR prom, your 17th birthday. Country Kitchen
    Good times
    Ill love you forever my friend 💞💞