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George R. Wolner, Jr. Memorial
George R. Wolner, Jr. Memorial

George R. Wolner, Jr.

George R. Wolner, Jr.

Tuesday, October 12th, 2021

George R. Wolner, Jr., 80, of Sedro-Woolley, passed away on Tuesday, October 12, 2021, at home with his loving wife, Tina, by his side.

George was born on August 7, 1941, to George R. and Inge (Bentrup) Wolner in Sheboygan, Wisconsin.  At the age of five, the family moved to Owatonna, Minnesota. George graduated from Owatonna Senior High School where he played upright bass in the all-state band and then, attended South Dakota State University majoring in pharmacology.  After 2 years, he enlisted in the U.S. Army where he was stationed at Fort Leonard Wood.  He served as a medical lab tech for 3 years.

He returned to Minnesota, married, and worked while going back to school to finish his education. He graduated from Mankato State University with a teaching degree in physical education and a minor in English. George was an avid reader all of his life and studied and researched everything that came his way.  His most favorite study though was his Bible.

George worked various jobs before interviewing for a job at Wakefield Seafoods in Bellingham, WA.  He moved his family to Alaska where he worked as a plant manager at Seldovia on the Kenai Peninsula for three years.  One of his fondest stories was that the plant supplied live King Crab for the Johnny Carson Show.  With a leg span up to 6 feet, it was not uncommon to leash a crab and walk him on the docks. After three years, George moved his family back to Washington, purchased property, and settled in Skagit County that he loved so much.  He then worked for Intelco Aluminum retiring in 2001.

George loved life and people.  He was raised in a Christian Conservative family and strongly believed in God, family, and country.  George came from a rich family history of teachers, inventors and historians with his uncle Fred Wolner, Cloquet High School Principal and later, Cloquet Assistant Superintendent of Schools, Cloquet, MN, and his wife, aunt Arlene Wolner, on the Cloquet City Council for 8 years and Mayor of Cloquet for 8 years.  His grandfather, Hans Julius Wolner, did theater as a young man, and later was an Episcopal priest in Cloquet for 30 years where George was an Acolyte. Hans Wolner’s wife, Alice Beatrice Rath Wolner, was organist for those years and many after. Reverend Wolner, with his Liverpool England upbringing and English diction, was highly revered across the entire town of Cloquet. For 30 years,  grandpa Wolner was the only minister allowed by the Cloquet High School Senior Classes to preside over the annual baccalaureate service.

George loved nature, animals, and enjoyed photography and taking pictures in his beautiful Skagit County. George took up bicycling in his fifties and talked about his adventures doing the Ski to Sea and Seattle to Portland. His most favorite adventure though was riding his Harley with Tina.

George will be remembered as a gentle, kind, and loving soul who loved the Lord with all his heart,  and his wife, Tina, and family, church family, and friends and neighbors.

We thank Pastors Terry and Lindsey Rude, The Father’s House, and Pastor Roy Swihart, C4 Cowboy Church, for our time spent with them.  George loved the Word and the time spent with his Christian family.

He is survived by his wife, Tina Champeaux-Wolner; children, Frederick (Fritz) Wolner, Shane Tenbrink (Rick), Megan Wolner (Chuck Plummer), David Wolner ( Diane), Daniel Champeaux, Donaee Champeaux-Reeve (Jeff); grandchildren, Rath Wolner (Fritz), Emily and Chris Hansen (David and Diane), Shelby Reeve (Jeff and Donaee); brother, Theodore (TJ) Wolner (Sandy); aunt, Dee Wolner (Jim); brothers-in-law, Paul and Peter Sadek; 1st cousins, Liz Moland (Bruce), Alice Anderson (Dave), John, Mark and Paul Wolner (Joann), and numerous nieces, nephews, and cousins.

He was preceded in death by his father, George Rath Wolner, Sr.;  mother, Inge Bentrup Wolner Carlson; stepmother, Betty Wolner Flax; beloved grandparents, Hans and Alice Wolner,  Fritz and Francine Bentrup; late wife, Kathryn Sadek Wolner; uncles, Fred and Jim Wolner; aunt, Helen Wolner.

George is also survived by his favorite canines, Rosy and Rocky; felines, Trump and Stache; and equine friend, Hemi. He delighted in the flock of chickens and claimed to learn Chickenese language in true George humor.

Rest well, my sweet Georgie. You are bathing gloriously in eternity with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. You are home now.

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  • Danny Champeaux

    George was a hardworking man with a great sense of humor who cared about God, Country and Family. I would like to give my deepest condolences to my mother and his children. Mom, I always knew how much George loved and cared for you and he was a man of his word when he told me years ago that he would take care of you. Go with God George Love Danny

  • Mark A. Evans

    I will miss him. He was a really wise Godly man. Stood for Christ and what is right. Good soldier for the Lord. I’m sorry I didn’t get to talk more.

  • Laura Hull

    I’m thankful to have gotten to know George and the time together, although cut too short. I saw the love and commitment he had for you Tina and it was evident in his continued support while you both were supporting my husbands’s campaign. I appreciated his friendly smile and will truly miss seeking him out to sit by at events, he always made me feel comfortable and I knew I had a friend close by!

  • Shane TenBrink

    Dad will be missed by us children. Wish we had been given the opportunity to say goodbye and tell him one more time that we loved him. It brings my heart joy to know that he is up in heaven with mom. Love you Dad…. Shane

  • Bob and Lori Scott

    We got to know George years ago through community meetings and enjoyed his friendship for many years. We appreciated his knowledge, his humor and his passion. He will be missed!!

  • Daria Davidson

    I had the privilege of meeting George just a short time before his passing. His personal confidence, intelligence, quick wit and kindness were very obvious from the first. His love of Tina and their live together was clear, and he knew exactly where he would be going when he left this earthly plane. For sure he will be missed.
    Bless you Tina in this time of great loss.

  • Germaine Kornegay

    I will remember George most for the gentle look in his eye as he joked with me. I always knew his heart meant well. My friendship with George was continually growing for the better. I will miss his humor and heart. Deepest condolences to the family for such a loss.

  • Mahlon B Hull

    Laura and I just loved George. He was always the sense of humor in everything we encountered on the campaign trail. He gave me so many tips and incredible inputs about managing and winning a campaign. He was right on. I always joked with him about being Moses and to hold out his staff and command the water to part. He would smile and shake his head. I praise God for letting this fine man into my life for a little season. My only regret is knowing him for just 5 months. We will miss you George, but know, we will be re-united soon in God’s kingdom for sure. Shalom Aleichem Maranatha

  • Patricia Vegas

    I knew George to be kind, generous and having a sense of humor.

    George is truly missed by all who knew and loved him.

  • Roger Mitchell

    We need more George’s in the world. He will be missed.

    George believed the adage, “First you have to show up “. He didn’t sit on the sidelines and complain; he contributed his time and energy to what he believed in – his family, his community, his country, and his God. George truly was a patriot.

    George was friendly and funny. He was reliable, always doing what he said he would do. We can’t ask for more than that.

    I believe George lived a full life and, most importantly, he did so on his own terms. He’s in a better place, now, and we miss him.

  • Elaine Willman

    Sometimes I encounter briefly one who makes a lifetime memory in my spirit and soul. That was true with George. A large bundle of intelligence, humor, love and outright love for all around him, George made everyone feel valued and important. The magic team of George and Tina provided Skagit County with a strong voice for its citizens, a deep love of country, and a contagious faith in God.I am richer for their friendship, and George will remain in my memory and heart forever.

  • Keith L. Wagoner

    I am going to miss George in ways I cannot adequately express. He worked with my father at Intalco in the 1970s and our families were further connected because we were goat owners long before goat-owning was cool. After I retired from the Navy and returned to the valley, I had a chance reconnection with George and Tina while I was on Sedro-Woolley City Council. We had instant chemistry and George became my biggest encouragement and strongest advocate. George had more faith in my political potential than I had in myself. His encouragement (sometimes at a very loud volume) helped put me in office as Sedro-Woolley Mayor and State Senator…I owe him so much and will miss his counsel. I hope my performance will live up to George’s expectations.

  • Rep Carolyn Eslick

    My few visits with George are now cherished. Especially the lunch we shared
    last year that I had a chance to hear his life story. His love for Tina was very evident but he also told me the years with her have been his best years. Sorry to see you go George. I wish we had been able to enjoy more lunches together.

  • Kathy Mitchell

    George was a thoughtful, kind caring friend and he will be sorely missed. He was quick with a smile and had a wry sense of humor that made people laugh and feel at ease. One of his strong suits was his power of observation; that trait when coupled with his keen discernment, was priceless. George was loved in life and he’ll be in my heart always. Much love to all those that miss him too.

  • Pam Doddridge

    I met George through CAPR and his sense of humor was always on point. I enjoyed talking chickens with George. He was a good and honest person. He will be missed. Hugs to Tina during this time.

  • Judy Billings

    I met George 3 years ago when I attended my first PCO meeting. I sat next to
    George. I was being nominated for committee woman. George filled me in on who’s who and answered my questions since I didn’t have a clue. Over the years I always admired George for speaking his mind and his direct way of asking questions.
    He always had something nice to say and complimented those who he saw working hard. I loved his sense of humor and down to earth ways….I sure miss him, but I’m glad he’s at peace.

  • Jennifer Walter

    George, You were such a kind, generous, loving man. you will be missed. Someday soon we will see you again, standing in His presence. Until then, bask in His love.

  • elinor Hogan Chirichigno

    I’m so sorry I never got to meet George but I know he made you so very happy. May his spirit be with you always. Love, Aunt Bebe

  • Justin Counley

    I moved up to Skagit County this year in February with my family. I wanted to help out my local community with everything that has been happening this year. So I ran for local school board and was assisted in my campaign by George and Tina who immediately became people I am honored to call friends. I am so thankful that George and Tina helped me out when they barely even knew me and I will never forget that. The thing I loved the most about George was his ability to find humor in anything and constantly crack jokes. In the short time I got to know George I will miss him. Thank you for everything George and Tina 🙏🏻George is finally where he was always waiting to be in Heaven. RIP George

  • Elizabeth Fernando

    Rest in Peace, my friend. A well deserved rest. A good friend and a good husband to my dear friend Tina. You will be missed. Much love, Eliz

  • Zeneida Manahan Sacapano

    George was a man of faith and he put his faith into action and was a strong advocate for righteousness, truth and justice to rule in our land and he was a strong supporter of his wife Tina as she works to put the right people in the public office.

  • Cris Hill

    George, even though we had never met face to face, I felt like we had always been family. I so always loved hearing your voice on the telephone along with Tina. I will forever miss your playful bantering and your wonderful sense of humor. Rest in eternal bliss and what joy it will be when we finally meet face to face!!
    Until then, much love forever, Cris

  • Zandra Ann Zimmerman

    From the first time I met George, his optimism and quickness to find the humor in life drew me to him. I actually married George. Well, I performed the ceremony that united Tina and him. An honor I cherish. He was always a calming influence for Tina. She would get all riled up about something and George would gently bring her down from the ceiling. He loved her dearly and she him. George was one of the truly good guys. We have lost one of those folks who makes the world a more loving and accepting place.

  • Nick Lavacca

    George had a huge heart. He blessed my brother with friendship and humor when he needed most. He shared those memories with me and George was a light and a voice of wisdom for me as well. Thank you George for being you.

  • Shirley Chacko

    George has awesome heritage and left behind a great legacy to follow. I always remember our talks, lunches, bike rallies that George and Tina came to in Arlington. Josh enjoyed motorbike rides with him so much. Vijai and I will always treasure the time spent together. Our last brunch at Angels of Wind Casino before Myly Adams passed away has taught me how precious life and time is. We love you George and Tina. Praise God for the blessed Hope we have in Christ. Until we see you on that bright and beautiful shore – Rest In Peace my dear friend George. Hugs 🤗 and Love ❤️ Tina.

  • Terry England

    You were such a kind and compassionate man, funny too. Attributes hard to find these days.. I’m pretty sure you are still telling stories and keeping even Jesus entertained. We miss you George, looking forward to seeing you again soon.

  • Ben & Debbie Barker

    We just loved George from the beginning as we do Tina!
    George will be greatly missed and at the same time we are so happy for him to be with his Savior.

  • Peggy Pearson

    I will always remember George’s quick wit and sassy comebacks. He had a way of making people feel that they belonged. He carried himself with self assurance and strength. You will be greatly missed George. Thank you for your service to this country, and thank you for shining your light for the Lord.

  • Gary Hagland

    It was an honor to know George all these years. He was a very unique individual who with an unique sense of humor which he used to great effect, especially in front of those who might disagree with him. At all times, he valued God, his country and his wife Tina. A life well lived.