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Jakeob Daniel Pfluger Memorial
Jakeob Daniel Pfluger Memorial

Jakeob Daniel Pfluger

Jakeob Daniel Pfluger

Sunday, April 15th, 2007

Jakeob ‘Jake’ Daniel Pfluger was born on November 20th, 1986

On April 15th, 2007 he entered into the presence of God.

He went on ahead of many people who loved him deeply,
His Dad and Mom, Dan and Lorri. His sister, Bethanie, His brother-in -law Jose Ramos, his nephew, Alex. and best friends, Tyler Scott and Kerby Mills. Tyler was Jake’s ‘closer than a brother’ friend. Kerby and Jake were best friends and shared many goals, plans and dreams for the future.
His Gammie, Jessie Bryant and His Grandpa and Grandma, Fred and Jackie Faupel,
His Grandpa and Grandma, Jerry and Joyce Pfluger and his Great Grandma, Katherine Jensen.
Uncles and Aunts, Jaci and Jeff Gallagher, Brook and Donna Pfluger, Chelle and Joel Buchanan, Lee and Kathy Pfluger, Lynn Pfluger, Rick and Caryn Faupel, Scott Faupel , Joe Faupel and Chuck Dralle.
Cousins, Anna and Bryn, Sara and Tracie, Justine, Megan, Kayla and Kevin, Carly and Derek, Amy and Brad, Seth and Natalie.
‘Uncle and Aunt’ Keith and Rhonda Scronce and their kids, Sarah, Levi and Jacob were family to Jake and a constant part of his life since he was a little boy. ‘Jake Pfluger’, Levi and Jake shared many young adventures and memories. The three of them singing ‘billy billy rock’ is a family favorite for all of us. Jake shared a special bond with Keith. The two of them loved to talk, did it often and loved to band together and give Jake’s Dad a hard time.
Jake was a part of a very large family. Family was very important to Jake but there are too many members to name.
He attended family gatherings whenever possible, and actually initiated plans for ‘times together’. He often spoke of the ‘priority ‘ of family and looked forward to having his own family one day’.’way down the road’, as he told his Mom.
He had many, many friends and acquaintances he loved people of all ages. He had many people that referred to him as their ‘best friend’.
Special Best friends to mention, Brennan ‘Moose’ Parker, Cody Wells, Jason Self, Tim Grady, Paul and Tanya Oldfield, Nick and Carol Vojkovich, Pat Cunningham and his ‘fearless’ friend, Shawn Hull, wife, Jennifer and son, Garrett.
He was preceeded in death by his Uncle Jeff Faupel and His Papa, Jack Bryant. He had a very special relationship, with his Papa, also with his Uncle Jeff.

Jake was born in Sedro Woolley, WA. and lived in the same house, at the end of Utopia Rd. his entire life. He grew up in the country and his Day Care was Mowers Dairy, where his Dad was employed for many years. He went to work with his Dad everyday and rode the tractor, fed the cows, fed the calves and drank ‘super cocoa’ with his sister. He grew up on the dairy with his Dad and Mrs. Erice Mower, who provided an extra watchful eye and helped his Dad entertain him until his Mom finished work.
Jake was home schooled, grades 3rd-12 and he had a wide variety of interests. He attended church regularly for most of his life, and as a young adult, was diligent in keeping a close relationship with Christ. He currently attended Lyman Baptist Church and was very excited about the challenge and fellowship he received there
From age 5-13, he attended Day Creek Chapel and shared a very close relationship with Pastor Rick Miles. They shared a passion for horses, and Jake wanted to be a cowboy, like Rick, Jake was TR, Texas Red to Rick for many years and Rick helped him find his first ponies, Peanuts and Stormy. Rick made him a pair of chaps that still hang in Jake’s bedroom. Jake was baptized in Day Creek, by Pastor Rick and his Dad. The seeds of Jakes strong Faith were sewn, watered and tended by many precious people, at Day Creek Church. Jake always thought it was great that Pastor Rick wore jeans and cowboy boots, instead of wearing a suit and a tie.

He loved Jesus, The Word of God, his family, or the ‘Fam’ as he affectionately called it,.
He enjoyed animals, Elvis, John Wayne movies, Hunting, Star Wars, Hot Wheels, Marvel Comic Movies, Legos, Guns, Smallville, JAG, the History Channel and too many other things to name.
He was an avid outdoorsman and spent hours on the Skagit River with Ty and his Dad, and in Minkler Lake, near his home.
He raised lots of animals in his life, a rooster, Rush, that slept with him and rode on the handle bars of his bike. He raised Guinea Pigs, calves, rabbits, pigs and a very special calf he named Elvis. The Calf was a gift given to him by his friends, George and Eiko Vojkovich.
He was a member of Ducks Unlimited and The N.R.A. He was a firm advocate of the right to own firearms.
He raised birds for a time, as a hobby. Exotic pheasants, geese and ducks. He built a large aviary for them and enjoyed them so much. Many of the pheasants and geese followed him around outside like dogs. He loved God’s creation and often spoke of how God revealed himself in all He created.
He was employed by Cascade Hood Cleaning, owned by his Cousin, Kyle Pfluger, who in Jake’s opinion, was ‘the best boss in the world’. He also worked for Tornado Hood Cleaning, owned by Dave Carrell, of Bellingham.
Kyle and Dave were more than employers, they were friends, advisors, hunting buds and a huge part of Jake’s life. Kyle was more like a second Dad to Jake than a cousin

He also worked with his Dad, Dan and Brother-in-Law, Jose of Alpine Lakes Construction and was looking forward to warmer weather so his 3 year old nephew, Alex, could work with the three of them, just as he went to work with his Dad when he was a little boy

Jake often did odd jobs for friends and family. He was a very industrious young man, he enjoyed staying busy and helping people out whenever he could.

When he was a little boy his play was often ‘work’. He and his friend Blaine Hubbard didn’t play video games, they played ‘cowboys’ and they were ‘working cowboys’. They fixed imaginary fences and real ones and dug huge holes with shovels taller than they were. Once, Jake, Blaine and Trevor Coulter removed all the shingles from a lean to on Jake’s Dad’s Barn. Jake had heard his Dad say the roof needed to be fixed, and after all, ‘Blaine’s Dad was a carpenter.’ They were all barely 4 feet tall, but they ‘fixed’ that roof.
He Salmon fished for two summers in Bristol Bay, Alaska with Ken ‘Lapper’ Kingma. He had also spent time with Lapper learning taxidermy, and had finished mounting a duck and did a great job. He really enjoyed hanging out with Lapper.
He loved watching ‘Deadliest Catch’ on Discovery, he was familiar with some of the Vessels and had met some of the Captains and crews as Tenders, while in Alaska. He had recently become aquainted with someone who had connections in Dutch Harbor, AK who offered to get him a job Crabbing. He told his Mom and she said ‘whew, Jake, that’s a big risk to take for money.’ and he said, ‘It’s not the money, Mom, it’s the task Plus, I’d love to work with some of those guys and it would be neat to be on Discovery channel.’ He’d developed a love/hate relationship with Alaska. He hated being away from his family, but he loved Alaska.
Jake never had to look for work and often turned down job offers. His work ethic was exceptional for his age.

He enjoyed working on his truck, listening to Elvis on Sirius radio, talking with Kerby, hanging out with Ty and Moose and going to the movies with his sister., Beth. He and his sister were close friends as well as siblings. They shared a special kinship, kept each other on the straight and narrow and shared the task of keeping their parents on their toes.
He loved spending time with his Uncle Brook, the two of them shared many similar interests and always found a lot to talk about. Their current project was finding a dirt bike for Jake so they could ride together.
In October 06, he went on a hunting trip to Concunully, WA with his Dad, Grandpa Jerry, Uncles, Brook and Lee and cousin Derek. Jake was able to spend a couple days alone with his Grandpa before the others arrived and was excited about getting to know the men of the family as a young man. Jake recently told his Mom that he was proud and excited to be a ‘Pfluger.’
He was working on restoring a 69′ Mustang, He was currently researching investing in Stocks and Real Estate and he was also planning a trip to Graceland this summer, with his friend Kerby. They were also planning a stop off in California, and Jake was excited to introduce Kerby to his friends, Paul, Tanya, Nick and Carol.
He loved Alaska and wanted to take a trip there with his Dad or his Gammie. He had an open invitation from his Gammie’s friend, Muriel Ulmer, from Kenai, AK. whom Jake totally enjoyed. The two of them shared ‘Alaska Stories’ and a genuine fondness of one another.
He currently spent a lot of time with neighbors, the Parker’s, Bob, Lora, Brennan and Carrie Ann, he was like part of their family. Lora babied him and, an often cooked ‘favorite potatoes’ for him and he and Bob talked a lot about everything and Jake was trying to get Bob to tell him his secret recipe for Blackberry wine.

Jake’s life was short, but so remarkable, and in truth, his life was so full. He was loved dearly by so many people and in many ways was ‘older’ than his 20 years. Nearly everyone who met Jake remembered him and felt better for having known him.
As one woman put it, ‘what 13 year old kid wants to hang out with an old ex-drunk, talking about Jesus”
Jake could not hang out with any one for very long without talking about Jesus, for no other reason than he wanted to share God’s Grace, his Faith, and his Belief He wanted to share the wide, long high and deep, Love of Christ, and he did just that. He believed that no one was beyond God’s grip of Grace. He identified with the ragamuffins, rebels and fishermen, because he was all that, and he was sensitive to them for he believed that Jesus was during his Ministry on earth. When he was a little boy, he told kids on the school bus about Jesus and his 2nd grade teacher told his Mom that he was a little ‘playground missionary’.
He faithfully searched the scriptures and shared close fellowship with many believers, of all different ages. He looked daily for God’s guidance and had the attitude, of ‘what can I do for you today, Lord” He was precious in every regard and will be sorely missed.

I close my eyes and you are there,
With dimpled smile and auburn hair,
Your voice so deep and eyes so clear,
And I hear you say, ‘Mom, it’s awesome here.’

We spoke often of heaven, with wonder and awe,
That promised future with neither fear nor flaw.
And we marveled at God’s Grace, so sweet and deep,
That He’s preparing a place for our Eternal keep.

You said, ‘Mom, If any thing ever happens to me,
Remember the Truth, that will keep your heart free,
Don’t be snared by the devil, where there’s no hope or no rest,
Promise me, you’ll do it, Mom, though it will be quite a test.’

‘Honestly, Mom, I’m not afraid to die,
Because I’ll be with Jesus in the blink of an eye,
Being apart will be hard, but it won’t be for long,
‘Just keep close to Jesus, Mom, he’ll help you be strong.’

Don’t be angry with God, as I know some folks get,
Don’t question him or rail at Him or be filled with regret,
But if you do Mom, He’ll handle it, He won’t ever leave you,
He understands, Mom , He’ll tell you, ‘Yes, my Son , He died too.’~ lap 5/1/07

We praise God continually for His Son, Jesus. His Son died and rose so that we might have Life.
Jake now has that Life. We have more than our hope of being reunited with Jake,
We have the precious promises of God.
Choose Life Jake did.

A celebration of Jake’s Life will be held on Saturday, May 26th, 2007 at the Lyman Baptist Church at 2:00pm,
Jake’s friend and Pastor, Wayne ‘Hutch’ Hutchins officiating. Carhartt’s and Camo will be considered appropriate attire.