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Janice “Gooie” Brown Memorial
Janice “Gooie” Brown Memorial

Janice “Gooie” Brown

Janice “Gooie” Brown

Tuesday, October 16th, 2018

And now it’s our turn to grieve.


Our feisty and tough, sassy and kind, determined and hard-headed, funny, sarcastic, and precious mom has passed into the arms of Jesus.

No more pain. No more suffering. No more loss. She is with my little brother, my dad and all those who went before her.

She was tough. She had a tender heart for babies and funny cat videos and jokes.

She helped raise our children and so many others. She thought I was amazing.

She was strong and strong willed.

She peeled and diced the most potatoes of any person and fried up the biggest pan for anyone and everyone.

She was an unsurpassed baker and loved feeding people. She hated her new kitchen appliances with all their buttons and beeps. She used her dishwasher as a file cabinet.

She hated that I used grocery home delivery for her. She was fiercely independent but bound by her dependence on me as she struggled with health issues. I failed to be as gracious as her demands in time and energy conflicted with my time and energy.

She loved TV and evangelists and shows like The Voice. So many phone calls started with “Hey Meliss, are you watching….” even though we told her repeatedly we rarely watch TV.

She was fiercely loving to me and cheered me on in everything I accomplished. Stubborn and determined. Once she set her mind on something she would not let it rest until it got done. She wanted a shofar of all things so made me book a trip to Israel. She hated traveling but wanted me and Savannah to go no matter what and bring her back a shofar. We leave next week for a holy land tour and will bring back her shofar.

She loved her flowers and her yard could never have enough. Just last week adding succulents to a birdbath she was determined was a planter.

She was particular about grocery brands and shopped her thousand catalogs of decor and weird objects for hours on end. She loved her bling, her earrings, her coordinated outfits. Her collections of chickens and all manner of “motifs”.

She could never get enough time with me. She loved our “scenics” — driving all around Skagit County again and again. Especially when I took her in her beloved “Buttercup” – the yellow smart car with eyelashes and a new vanity plate “BTTRKUP”.         She loved that people laughed and waved and stopped to ask questions about her car when we would be at the gas station or even driving around town and people will wave us down to ask about gas mileage.

The river was hers. The view of the mountains from her living room brought her great joy. She loved the moon and would always call to see if we could see it too.

She would cuss like a sailor but hated nasty jokes. She could be crude and rude or quivering chin tender hearted.

She worked hard all her life and hated that she had to retire. She gave us a strong work ethic then complained that we work too much! She loved Sponge Bob Square Pants because he taught people to be diligent! Last week she couldn’t figure out why I don’t have more free time. She is just sure that as “the boss” I should come and go as I please and spend more time with her. I tried to explain that “the boss” means you work more, not less!

Saturday afternoons were our usual day together unless I had to take her to an appointment during the week, which was becoming more common as her health failed.        She loved the backroads or just sitting down by the river at the steelhead club eating a burger.

She thought I was perfect but I am not. I sat with her Monday night and held her hand, put lip balm on her, listened to her talk about a chaplain at the hospital named Mary who had spent two hours with her that day listening to her life story. She wanted me to lay in the bed with her but I did not.

Last night I laid on the floor with her holding her hand and saying I’m sorry — but she was gone. I had just left her in a hurry last night after bringing her home from the hospital, filling new prescriptions while she sat in the car. I was hungry and grumpy. I sorted her meds and got her some food — I told her I was going to get her on a new kick -/ eating fresh rolls from Little Thailand. She wanted to start eating healthy stuff because the nutritionist at the hospital convinced her to try some recipes. I did a couple chores and told her I had to hurry so I could get back to Bellingham for my workout. I didn’t give her the usual kiss and “love you” as I hurried off and told her to “stay upright” for real– always my parting words after so many falls. I called her right after my workout to tell her to make sure she put on her “fallen and can’t get up” button. And to see if she ate her fresh rolls. She didn’t answer. I went home and called twice more. I called my aunt who went to check on her and found her collapsed on the floor. Gone. She would be so mad that we called 911. She would be so mad that we saw her laying there. She was prideful about that but we all were there and we held her hand and we cried and screamed. Loss. Guilt. Waves of nausea. Tears. Hugs. Numbness. Surreal fuzzy distorted conversations. People coming and going. Police. Firemen. Chaplain. Funeral home people. The cart. The sheet. The final goodbye. Gut wrenching. Nauseating. Overwhelming. Yet peace and comfort knowing that she believed in Jesus as God’s son and she was wrapped in his love and forgiveness. My first best friend, my mother, my mom, and forever known as Gooie.

Rest In Peace.  Love Belinda. Can’t wait to see you. Upright in heaven. No more waddling. Reunited with Bob and dad. 💕💕


Janice “Gooie” Brown passed away Tuesday, October 16, 2018 in her home.  She was born March 6, 1942 to Clifford and Elizabeth (Capaan) Cook.  She loved cooking, baking and taking care of her family.  She loved dressing in her matching clothes and having her hair looking “just right.”

She is survived by her four children, Tom, Belinda, Angela and Anita; 11 grandchildren, Savannah, Carissa, Nicki, Shania, Mark, Vanity, Talia, Briann, Matthew, Tanner and Corey; two great-grandchildren, Amelia and Romeo; brother, Dennis ‘Magoo’ Cook; sister-in-law, Bonnie Cook and numerous nieces and nephews. She was preceded in death by her parents, Clifford and Elizabeth; husband, Robert L. “Duke” Brown, Sr.; son, Robert Brown, Jr.; sister, Brenda “Pearl” Van Woert.


She will be dearly missed and always in our hearts.  Soar with the eagles.  We love you.

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  • Joan Nicholas

    I am late in reading this obituary, so late in responding. I met Janice in the late 50s when I was friends with Brenda. She use to boss us around and pick on us. As adults we developed a more loving relationship. I’m so glad that she hollered at me when I was walking past her at the SWHS alumni picnic in July. It was my last chance to visit with her and to hug her. So grateful for that!💖 Go with God my precious friend.

  • Susan Risenhoover

    I have many good memories of Jan, she helped me,through things, she was the first person who could tell my daughter was disabled just by seeing her right after abbie was born, Jan was a good person, she will be missed by many, my heart and prayers go out to her children, grandchildren, and the rest of her family, ❤❤❤

  • Henni Elliott

    To family, especially Belinda for contacting me of Janice’s passing… My sympathies to you Belinda, Angela, Anita and Tom and all her family… When we would visit there would be much talk of her children and grands, who she loved so much. She was a special friend since we were coworkers at Labcorp… And as much as she hated hugs, I always gave her one… Last I had talked with her she invited me to the Sept.birthdays pot luck …she had gotten me a gift as she always did (even though I always told her not to) …(probabily a chicken thing that we both loved) i had been before but could not make this one…i said I would stop by, but I was busy and didn’t make it before a scheduled trip ….and then the news…i will miss her, she was a real individual who will not be forgotten… I always told her to listen and not give the Drs. and nurses a hard time, which of course she did!!! Her suffering and hardships are over now and is with Jesus who she loved…. So long for now Janice…

  • Jeanne and Bill Johns

    Dear Angela and family,
    We are so very sorry for your loss of your mama Janice. I just saw you on Thursday morning, Oct. 25th, and it was so nice to see you for a short time after many years, but I never thought to ask about her. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and family. Love in Christ Jesus, Jeanne Johns

  • Angela

    This loving and beautiful lady was my mama, my shoulder to cry on, the rock of this family. The strongest woman I know, raising 5 kids on her own after my dad passed. She was faithful to God and her family. Always giving selflessly to everyone, never wanting. She made me the woman I am today. I am blessed to have ever been her daughter, she made me strong by watching her ways. I am very happy she instilled in me a love for Jesus. I am hollow, unknowing of what to do each day, I still cannot believe she is gone. I long for the day I will get to hold her one more time, but it is a blessing to know that she is in the arms of Jesus and suffering no more. I love you mom. My heart is breaking, you are forever in my thoughts and in my heart.

  • Savannah Powers

    I listened to your voicemails today, most were “call me back” “can you bring me a pizza?” Or “Just wondering if I have anything to look forward to this weekend.” Then there was one in particular… “I’d love to see you this weekend.” Your voice was softer, not as hard as the others. I could hear the love in your voice. I’ll cherish this. I miss you. I know you are dancing with Jesus and having a big party….you probably made fried potatoes for everyone. Simon will especially miss your potatoes, I better learn how to make them properly real quick. I can’t keep thinking that I should have called an hour earlier. I was driving home in traffic, I felt a wave of emotion and sadness, I cried…I didn’t know why. I called you when I got home, no answer. Then the calls came. Everything turned upside down. Those few days were a blur but I clung to your blanket and the smell of Bounce Fresh Linen Dryer sheets. Every day gets a little easier as I adjust to this life without you. I see you in the eagles, a ladybug on the wall, I feel your presence in the warmth of the sun on my skin. I seek comfort in knowing that I’ll see you again soon. I love you my Gooie.

  • Marilyn chandler

    Your Uncle Jerry has been chasing fire trucks all day but I want you to know the first time I met your mom at Lloyd and Mary’s house, I thought she was really funny and I liked her, A real firecracker. I am thinking of all of you during this time. With love Marilyn Chandler

  • Anita Mitchell

    My momma, my queen!
    I spoiled her rotten for years, did her hair most every day. Loved her as deep as anyone could ever love another person. She loved the same in return. As with every relationship there were arguments, and going days without seeing her because sometimes she could really hurt you with words, but we loved her just the same. She loved lady bugs and butterflies and chickens. If she knew you wanted something or liked something she would get it for you no matter who you were. She had a rough life raising 5 kids while taking care of a sick husband with Hodgkins disease lymphoma. Endless trips to Seattle for treatments, while trying to work part time and pay bills and feed us. She didn’t have much but she gave big, i wish i had been a little more understanding. Im going to miss her terribly till we meet again in heaven. I know she is watching over all of us, we have been surrounded by ladybugs since her passing. I am so happy for you Momma for getting to meet Jesus finally. I’m happy that you have no more pain or suffering. Thank you Jesus for taking care of my mommy till i get there. And my brother and my daddy. Love you all see you soon you beautiful souls.

  • Carissa mitchell

    My gooie was difficult but beautiful women who could always make me laugh even if she wasn’t trying to be funny ! She is beautiful and I will miss her I will miss the few tears I have shared with her wishing I have said I love you more often then I had and the few weeks ago before her passing she wanted a hug and kiss and I said no gooie but I was always like that with gooie I did and still do love her and I think she knows that I wish I would have visited her more often in her final days ! I know she is happier being with my uncle Bob and her her husband he is someone she talked about quite a lot even though I was never alive when he was here on this Earth ! I love you gooie always and forever

  • Sharon Keith

    Belinda, you and your mom had a special bond and love for each other. When our parents get old and have many ailments it is hard to ALWAYS be patient and kind., but you went above and beyond.
    Your mom never had to wonder if you loved her .
    Your crown is full to the max with lots of bling !
    Janice will want to borrow it someday when you join her in Heaven. ♥️
    I love you with all my heart !

  • Dennis

    TO: Tom, Belinda, and the twins, Angela and Anita.
    My heart goes out to you guys. She was a true friend of mine and I will truly miss her. I met her in the late 70’s when we worked together and became good friends with her. I now live far away in Texas andI wish I could be there for you guys.
    Also, Dennis and Bonnie, I am sorry for your loss and hurt almost as much as you guys.

    Be strong! Love you guys. Dennis Oshiro

  • Joyce Holland

    Oh gooie, I and your ” honey” will miss you. I enjoyed your daily visits at UGH, your sense of humor and that we shared the same birthday week. You always looked great, hair and make up were always perfect. Rest In Peace my friend.

  • Joyce Holland

    Oh gooie, I and your ” honey” will miss you. I enjoyed your visits everyday, and that we shared the same week for our birthdays. You always looked fabulous, always had something funny to say. Rest In Peace.