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Jessica Robyn (Cuthbert) Sutherland Memorial
Jessica Robyn (Cuthbert) Sutherland Memorial

Jessica Robyn (Cuthbert) Sutherland

Jessica Robyn (Cuthbert) Sutherland

Wednesday, October 13th, 2021

Jessica Robyn (Cuthbert) Sutherland, age 36, an Upper Skagit Tribal Member, passed on Oct. 13, 2021.  She was born March 21, 1985, at the U of W Medical Center, Seattle weighing 2 lbs. 3 ozs, 14″ long; she came home 40 days later weighting 4 lbs. 4 ozs.  Everyone fell in love with her.  The Jarmans became her 2nd family as her mother worked.  In 1989, Mark became Dad and couldn’t be happier to have a baby girl & Jessica became a daddy’s girl!  Together they became movie buddies – Star Wars – The Hobbit and any marvel movies – they could talk movie lines back and forth and laugh!!

Jessica loved to travel and sing, she was an intern for Pastor Benny, which she loved servicing in the church; later she sang at church, and a visiting pastor said you need to go to the New Life School of Worship in Colorado Springs.  Three months later she was in the school and loved every minute of it, there were 33 students and they picked 10 students to be backup singers, she was one of those 10, Desperation Band CDs praise and worship; she was on Three of their CDs that came out and she was backup for New Life Worship Cd as well.  After school was out 2006, she came back home.  She has traveled to England and Black Forest, Germany.  She had many talents: singing, playing multiple instruments, by ear or by notes.  She worked at different retail locations around Burlington but her last place was Melody’s Floral in Burlington which she so loved.

She is survived by her parents, Mark and Kelly; Gram Stella; Grandpa John; Uncles Rian (Gail) and Mike; Aunt Dana; brothers, Andrew (Rebecca) and Jared (Ellie); very special cousins, Derek (Heidi), Dalton (Kayla), Daria (Tyler), Megan, Kylie and Spencer; aunts, uncles and many many best friends!

She was preceded in death by her Aunt Cathy, Uncle Kenny, Grandpa Kenneth, great grandparents, Francis & Iris Turner and Pete & Alice Cuthbert.

We will have a service at a later date – many thanks to everyone at St Joseph hospital.  Share your memories of Jessica and sign the online guest register.


  • Mel (mija)

    Phoebe and i worked together for years between Victorias Secret to the Silver Box. Throughout those years we became more than just coworkers. She became my friend, someone who I told everything to, we shared lunches, breaks, late night Sherri runs for pie and doodling on napkins and love for “nerd stuff”. One of my favorite times was having a harry potter movie night at her place where i made HP themed cake pops and we laughed the entire nights, she tried on dresses and showed me all her favorite Star Wars collectibles. She made every person she met feel like they were seen, heard and loved. She gave her all into every single person she was with. I will miss your warm and cheerful presence and goofy personality. My heart goes out to your family. They miss you so much, we all do.

    Love you always,

  • Tiffany (Watkins) Morscheck

    My heart is hurts today again. I can’t remember the last time I saw you, Jessica, but you are forever in my mind and heart as a lovely little girl at church. 🥰 And, then an inspiring woman throughout the years. You are clearly missed by so many, and I can’t imagine why you had to leave us. I will cherish your loving heart and pray that your memory continues to inspire.
    Praying for you Kelly and Mark.

  • James, Kari and Bethany Binner

    On behalf of the entire family, we want to send our deepest condolences prayers and love.

  • David Cope

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss! Peace be with the entire family, knowing that she is now singing to our one true Creator! Sing out loud, Jessica until we see you again!

  • Syvella Kalil

    Dearest Jessica and The Southerland Family, The angel got her wings, you will be missed here on earth, yet we know you are and never will be gone forever. Until we meet again, Bless You. Kelly and Mark our heart are broken, we wish you comfort and Blessing. With Deepest Sympathy, The Kalil family, Jay, Syvella Brian and Nicole

  • Garrett Nelson

    Dear Jessica,
    I am having a very hard time writing this, as it feels like a little light, that has ALWAYS been in my life, is now gone. The kindness you showed everyone you met was 2nd to none. The way you could be your true, unapologetic self was infectious. I have such fond memories of laughing with you, adventuring with you or even just enjoying a comfortable silence with you. You changed my life for the better and reminded me constantly to love and find joy. Sometimes our communication was few and far between, but a short message, meme or an emoji was always exchanged between us when we would find something inspiring or funny in life. I will miss you, I will try to embrace life and live with the same bravery you did.
    I will cherish and carry our friendship with me for the rest of my life.
    Rest well Jessica(Phoebe), I will never forget you.
    Love forever


  • Jessica Tavares

    Miss you Phoebe, your loss is felt deeply. You were a bright and beautiful human, and the world is darker without you in it. Thank you for so many good memories

  • Jim Morrell

    Mark and Kelly,

    I am so sorry to hear of Jessica’s passing, and I know it must be devastating for you. I am remembering you in my prayers that God will help you heal in your grief. Losing a child is as bad as it gets in this life, so please know His comfort. Godspeed.

  • Tina Talley

    Jessica was the most beautiful person in the world. Jessica will be deeply missed. I would like to send my love and condolences to Kelly, Mark and Stella!

  • Carolyn (Schaub) Miller

    My most memorable time with Jessica was a couple of Thanksgivings ago, when 20 or so of us gathered at Dana’s house.
    When it was time to eat, Jessica was first in line and unabashedly dished herself up the highest pile of food I’ve seen since my last trip to the all-you-can-eat Royal Star Buffet in Mount Vernon. With that cute little grin and those great big eyes, she looked straight into my eyes and proudly walked right past me with her plate PILED HIGH WITH FOOD, then sat down and ate the entire thing—no problem! My eyes were big, too, because I couldn’t believe that someone so small thought that she could possibly put away all of that food! But she did! (I think I actually saw her head up there later for seconds!)
    It hit me really hard when I heard that she passed away. I had my first true panic attack that night which kept me on the edge of calling 911 for oxygen so I could breathe. I didn’t lie down to sleep all night; I was afraid that if I had, I’d pass away and my family would be stunned to hear that I was suddenly gone. I thought how utterly devastating it would have been. If this is what I experienced, I can’t imagine what Kelly, Mark, Stella, Dalton and Daria have suffered. I uncontrollably sobbed through my doctor appointment that happened to have been scheduled for the next day.
    A couple of months ago I visited them at their Rockport homes. Jessica wasn’t there at the time, but Kelly showed me the crafts-for-sale that Jessica had been creating with her and Mark. What beautiful, intricate work! Mark was enthusiastically finding any excuse to use his new earth moving machine and had been clearing a spot on the property to make way to move in a house for Jessica. She was so very excited about graduating from Gram Stella’s house into her very own space that she could decorate any way she wanted. She approached everything she did with a unique and fun style, and packed into her few years on earth decades of adventures.
    Heaven has welcomed home a real sparkling gem—to a house that is unspeakably more grand than what even Jessica could have created for herself!
    There’s a great big hole in our hearts where Jessica’s physical presence used to be. May our memories of her gradually fill up that sad gap and hold more love than was there before. That would have made her very happy.

  • Tameka Siplin

    Jess. I’m STILL trying to process your passing. It’s not been easy. Losing you is equal to losing a sister, it’s painful. I hold dear all the memories we share together, the phone conversations, the messages.. I pray that you dance in the wind. I pray you watch over me and all your loved ones. This really hurts. I love you eternally, thank you for sharing this lifetime with me. It’s been a blessing.

  • Greg, DeEtta & family

    Mark & Kelly,
    We are so sorry for your loss. Our family is sending hugs, love and prayers to you and your family. 💞

  • Joanna Bonsignore-Patterson

    To lose such a beautiful soul is just heartbreaking. My prayers go out to her family. Jessica was such a good friend to me over the years we worked together, and I will never forget her kindness and spirit 💗

  • Katherine (Pepper) Ward

    My love and prayers are with the most loving and caring parents Kelly and Mark Sutherland. I will miss my girl more than you will know. She gave hugs that would make you forget all about your bad day, bad feelings or bad thoughts. She didn’t realize it but, she was a counselor for a lot of us. Jessica will truly be missed, she has a place in my heart ❤️ that will never fade away. Love you guys so very much.

  • Margie Washington

    I send you all my greatest greatest hugs and I love you very much. May you find all of your comfort in the arms of God

  • Deanna

    Kelly, Stella, Mark& Rian
    I am so sorry to have learned if this loss. You have had so many! My heart aches for you and our losses of your loved ones. I have never got over Cathy, one of my greatest friends.
    All my sympathies.

  • Debby Riehl

    I only met Jessica a handful of times but I have special memories of two of those times. Once was when my son and I were attending the midnight showing of one of the Star Wars movies. While waiting for the movie to begin, we could see two people in costume at the front of the movie theater having a very entertaining light saber battle. Jessica was one of those light saber wielding entertainers!
    Another memory that comes to me when I remember Jessica is just a very small moment in time. Jessica was working at a kiosk in the mall and Mark and Kelly had come to sit with her and give her a break. What struck me at the time is how happy she was to see them and how loving the whole interaction was. I could see how much she loved and was loved.
    Mark and Kelly, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

  • Bryan Olson

    I had the privilege of getting to meet Jessica and knew her for only one day. I have met countless people and after one day I had decided she was the most special person I had ever met. I consider myself blessed to have gotten to know such an amazing person and will grieve her leaving us to the day I die. I know she is with God in heaven and my prayers will always be with her and I am sorry for your loss and the world will never be the same without her.

  • Kelsey Beasley

    I am so sorry for her family’s loss. Jessica was so much good. The first time I met her I was working at a coffee stand in the mall, I was having a bad day, she brought me pink roses. I didn’t know her. I knew her after that tho. He willingness to go out of her way to show kindness and love, honestly exhausted me. For over a decade I’ve known her, To this day I wonder how does someone so genuinely care about everyone? I have tried to emulate her. It’s hard! My heart breaks knowing I won’t hear her laugh, wont have one of her incredible hugs. She has taught me so much. She will forever be my good angel on my shoulder.
    To her family, she loved you all. Oh! She loved her family. She was always talking about you, especially her grandma. I am so sorry to all of you.

  • David L Nichols

    Jessica will be in my heart and mind until I see her once again in Heaven. She blessed me with her music and positive spirit. To her wonderful family, I extend my condolences. I know words alone cannot heal the pain you are feeling at this time.

  • Cristina Velasco

    My sincere condolences to the whole family. Jessica was a loving, caring and amazing friend. She will always remain in my heart forever. Sending my prayers.

  • Heidi Ward

    Jessica you where always such a ray of light whenever Derek and I met up with you. Always such a sweet and caring person. Rest In Peace. Much love to you.

  • Randy & Robin Pearce

    We had the privilege of having Jessica, Kelly & Stella in our home… what a delightful blessing they all were! Jessica is a true treasure, sent of God to Earth, to delight, bless, and entertain all she came in contact with! She will be tremendously missed, however, we will never forget her! Until we meet again… fly high on that mountain 🕊

  • Staci Ellis

    Jessica (Phoebe),
    You will be deeply missed by everyone you touched. I will never forget the day I met you.. I had just started working at Starbucks and you came to see Kymi. You introduced yourself as Phoebe and said, “well it’s not really my name” and nothing further.. I laughed so hard. It was a gift to know you and be around your positive energy. You always saw the good in everyone and everything around you and kept the room laughing. Rest easy sweet friend. All my condolences to your family ❤️

  • Andoni Saval

    I had the pleasure to meet Jessica in college. She always had a smile on her face and tried to make your day better. She had a special way of thinking which made her unique and she used that to share joy. Very sorry for her lost may she rest in peace.

  • Heidi Wilson

    Jessica, AKA Phoebe, was my very best friend for my whole childhood into early adulthood. Without her I would not be the person I am today. She was the best friend a girl could ask for and I’m honestly still in shock I’m writing this right now. She was a woman of many words and me not so much, so I’m sorry this isn’t full of deep and wonderful things. My heart is hurting for her family and my heart is hurting she’s gone.
    Mark and Kelly, Stella I’m so sorry for this massive loss.

  • Connie Keele

    Sincere condolences to Jessica’s family, praying that you all feel God’s arms around you, giving you peace and strength. Love from Fern, Connie, Cindy, and Clint Hooper

  • Jamie Alskog

    My heart breaks knowing your gone but I am so lucky I had you as my friend for almost 25 years. You were taken from us way too soon but I know your Grandpa was waiting for you with open arms. I love you my friend, sending all my love and condolences to Mark and Kelly. I will miss you forever.

  • Connie Keele

    Kelly, Mark, Stella.. I’m so very sorry for the loss of your precious Jessica. My prayers are with you, I know your strong faith in God will help you carry this pain, and God’s presence will cover you as you grieve. When I look at this picture of your beautiful daughter I think “Eyes on Jesus”. What a beautiful soul , she is loved by so very many. My family sends their deepest condolences and love. Love you so much.

  • Elke

    I met Jessica many years ago when she came to our home for a slumped party. I loved her right away. I am grateful we kept in contact over the years.
    Jessica will never be forgotten.

  • Adam

    You were always wonderful to work with and always a joy to interact with. I’ll miss you indefinitely.

  • Derek Rombeiro

    Hey Jessica, I don’t even know what to say or how to put it into words. You are an incredible sweet kind caring beautiful person inside and out, incredibly talented extremely intelligent and one of a kind. I really thought you were going to fight this Covid and come out of it no problem I was shocked to hear the news when your father responded to my message. I hope you find even more happiness in your second life, We all love you we all care for you and we will All always be here thinking about you. An angel was needed above and you were called, you left us too soon. Sending deepest condolences and sympathies to your family house. And I’m sending you’re a really really big hug and kiss, love free angel

  • Deanna Derkach

    Jessica, it’s been many years since we were housemates during Bible College, but your sunshine and zeal has always stayed with me. In a short time period we had many adventures in that stinky apartment, listening to music, or going to see a Chris Kettan look a like in the production of 7 brides for 7 brothers.
    To Jessica’s family, my deepest condolences. Her love for you was always radiant whenever she mentioned you.
    Rest well. 💜

  • Dustin Kruse

    I met you years ago. I was an Army recruiter and you were looking for the airforce. You sat and talked with me anyway. Though we werent super close. We did make a friendship from that. I always enjoyed your uniqness. Your passion for life and the things you believed in. My heart breaks learning of your passing. Earth lost a great person. You will be remembered.

  • Donald McLeod

    Jessica was an amazing person. She was the most loving, caring, talented person I have ever known. When we were together with family she would move from person to person spreading her love to all. I am sure that I am not the only one that felt like I had a special connection with her. Jessica I love you, not just because we are cousins but because you are amazing! Go rest high on that mountain. I will see you in the by and by.

  • Emily

    Love you to the moon and back. Peyton jr and I loved being your neighbor in mount vernon and wouldn’t have changed a thing. I loved that you were able to watch Peyton grow up. You are such a wonderful person and I know your in heaven looking down on us.

  • Don and Corky Hundahl

    Don and I send our deepest condolences for the loss of your beautiful daughter. God be with you and your family.

  • Patrick Smith

    This was a very unique women. Funny, entertaining and smart. I worked with Jessica during the launch of the Last Chance Casino for the Sauk-Suiattle Indian Tribe. We would talk of music, tribal tradition and the economic possibilities the tribe could look forward to. I am pleased our paths crossed.

  • Kelly Regan

    We are sharing in your sadness as we remember Jessica. We hope you feel surrounded by much love. Our deepest sympathy. Jessica will be missed!!!
    Lots of love,
    Ray Jarmin and Kelly(Jarmin) Regan

  • Racheal Blacksher

    Mark and Kelly, my sincere condolences. I am sitting here in Palm Springs remembering the trip you took me and Jessica on for our 8th grade graduation. For me, this is such a bittersweet trip remembering the good times we had. Jessica will remain with us forever in our memories and our hearts. I love all three of you! Jessica, you will forever be my phoebe and I will forever be your Rachel. Know if we could only find our Ross! Love you, girl! Rest easy, dance through the Milky Way, fly through the stars and we will see you again.

  • Mel and Jody Cook

    Jessica was a true sweetheart. She was totally compassionate and shared her love with everyone. With the singing voice of an angel she sang about her love for Jesus with complete passion. Now you get to sing to Him face to face since you are now safe in his arms. You will be missed my sweet friend.

  • Gene Enick

    R.I.P my niece till we meet again it was Chief Seattle who said there is NO DEATH just a change of worlds you in the spirit world now