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Kenneth Brian Atkins

Kenneth Brian Atkins

Friday, April 29th, 2016

Long time Skagit County resident, Kenneth Brian Atkins passed away peacefully at the family home in Sedro-Woolley on April 25, 2016. He was born on April 16, 1950 in Reno, NV, the son of John T. & Iva Marie Atkins. His early childhood was spent in Pioche & Henderson NV, Wheat Ridge CO & Riverton WY.
A master craftsman & woodworker, his motto was that if he was going to build a piece of furniture, it would last 100 years. He was as adept at building a traditional shaker chest of drawers as he was at building a trastero in the Santa Fe style to a Windsor chair to a spiral staircase. His interest in history complimented his furniture making, and many of his pieces were done using only hand tools. In his later years he did cabinetry for North Island Boat, Northern Marine, and Nordic Tug.
Ken is survived by his wife, Maryann; his sons, Cody, Stan & Travis, daughters-in- law, Brittany & Rindi and granddaughter, Keslynn, all of Skagit County. Brother, John David Atkins of Phoenix, AZ; Sister-in-law Christine Paone; nephew, Jeshua Paone, and his Skagit family friends of over 40 years who are too many to name.
A life time celebration will be held in June. In the meantime, listen to some Bob Dylan, and think of Ken.
Cremation arrangements are under the direction of Lemley Chapel, Sedro-Woolley.


  • Andy Schimmel

    Ken was my friend, my brother, and someone I loved and admired very much. His sense of humor and his laugh made time spent with him very special. Playing music together or just hanging out always led to a day, afternoon, or night to be remembered. Memories of our days with the Hotshots, our band “Gonebeaver”, and just telling each other stories and tall tales are things I will always cherish. He was a brilliant craftsman and I always admired his skill and creativity.
    Ken, you were loved, and you will be missed.

  • Charles Schwab

    “I wish, I wish, I wish in vain,
    That we could simply in that room again.
    Ten thousand dollars at the drop of a hat,
    I’d give it all gladly, if our lives could be like that.”

    Bob Dylan’s Dream 1963

  • Dave Arnold

    Back when there was a Mountain Song restaurant in Marblemount, we had a Halloween event every October. Big local crowd, bizarre costumes. So one year there was this guy I didn’t recognize hanging out. No costume really, never heard him talk. Finally I had to approach him–leaning on a wall, one leg bent back, foot against the wall. Levis plus a white T-shirt with that iconic image of a scary open-mouth shark. Said “Jaws” under it. Bottle opener hung around his neck. He says “Hi Dave.” Blew my mind: it was Ken with all his bushy beard & whiskers shaved. Perfect costume: Anonymous. Yeah, dude with unique style for sure. Bless you bro, ’till we meet again.

  • Denny Thomas

    I can say with pride that Ken
    Atkins was my friend. I believe he lost his way but we never lost any love or respect for the old boy. Ken was such a unique and talented person!!! So many memories
    I already miss his existence
    RIP brother

  • Denny Thomas

    I can say with pride that Ken Atkins was my friend. So many good memories, I just think Ken lost his way but we never lost any love for the old boy. Ken was such a unique individual, original and talented!!That is what I value in my friendship with Ken. I already miss his existence ?

  • Linda Bromley

    Blessings go out to the family.I had been thinking a lot about Ken recently.I am lucky enough to have two doors and a china cabinet that Ken built for my home. One door and the china cabinet we designed together,a dream come true for me.I loved him as a good friend as well.Maryann has always been my girl.Love to the family Linda E Bromley

  • Shane andSusan Sanderson

    Shane and I send our sincere condolences to Ken’s family. We particularly wanted to share a happy memory from over 40 years ago when Ken did the music for Shane’s sister Randy’s wedding. It was the first day of Spring at dawn in the Seattle arboretum. So to start the wedding at “sunrise” we all started out to the Lake edge well before dawn. It was rainy, but we were all in high spirits. Ken laughing and joking with the rest of us about the “crazy idea” of an outdoor dawn ceremony in March. As he sat to play the rain started in even harder and I stood above the guitar with an umbrella,the rain dripping off the back and onto Ken. “It doesn’t matter if I get wet, he said, “just keep the guitar dry.” He will be missed.

  • Susan Sanderson

    OMG, I clearly have lost touch with you all. I am so sorry to hear of Ken’s death. I so remember the first time I met him in Geology class at the UW. Thank goodness he was my lab partner or I never would have gotten through the class. He was a good caring person with much to give and share. The few encounters we have had over the years will remain happy memories. God Bless you all in this time of loss