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Michael Fredrick Scott Memorial
Michael Fredrick Scott Memorial

Michael Fredrick Scott

Michael Fredrick Scott

Tuesday, February 1st, 2022

Michael “Mike” Scott of Sedro Woolley passed away on February 1, 2022.

Mike was born September 29, 1947, in Everett to Frances (Cheney) and Fred Scott. He had several childhood homes, but fondly recalled his years in Stanwood as the most idyllic time of his youth. He graduated from Mt. Rainier High School in Des Moines in 1965.

A few years later Mike met LeOla (Smith) at Gov-Mart Bazar in Burien, Washington. They eloped on February 15, 1969, beginning a lifelong love affair based on mutual respect and a shared passion for adventure. After Mike graduated from the University of Washington in 1971 with a BA in history, they moved to Skagit County. In 1985 they settled in Sedro Woolley and began transforming a cabin in the woods into a small ranch where they raised and trained Morgan horses, a breed that Mike found exceptional in every way.

A man with an extraordinary intellect, he was a hard-worker who taught himself to do and to fix practically anything. Over the years, Mike held a variety of jobs. When his long hair barred him from certain types of employment in the 70s, he took whatever work he could find, including cutting firewood. He later spent 20 years as a general contractor and 16 as a public servant.

Mike had a passion for traveling and his sense of wonder and awe for the natural world was always apparent. He organized pack trips with his Morgan horses into the Pasayten Wilderness. Each spring they planned “fishing derbies” at Wannacut Lake. In retirement, Mike fulfilled a lifelong dream of traveling with LeOla all over Europe. They also crisscrossed the U.S. on road trips, often lingering in the American West where Mike never tired of admiring the region’s vast and uncommon beauty. They loved stopping at national parks, especially Mike’s beloved Yellowstone. In 2014, he and LeOla launched their boat in Lake Powell, Arizona, where they spent a week exploring its many gorgeous canyons. In 2018, Mike found a 27-foot trawler in Florida, bought it and pulled it home, and spent the next two years restoring it. He and LeOla explored the San Juan Islands with family and friends on that lovingly restored boat. In 2019, after a vacation in Hawaii and an epic road trip to Alaska, they completed their goal of visiting all 50 states.

An unfailingly kind and big-hearted man, Mike will be missed by all who knew him. He was a master storyteller with a keen sense of humor. His contagious laugh often made him the life of the party (sometimes with the help of single malt Scotch). In addition to being a voracious reader, Mike was a novelist, diarist and poet. He led by example, inspiring others to show compassion for the downtrodden, think independently, question authority, and be honest. He believed in all of us, in our capacity to find fulfilment, purpose and challenge in our lives. He was a hero and a mentor to his kids, grandkids and extended family. Mike’s little buddy Archie, an English cocker spaniel, was his constant companion during the past few years.

Mike used to joke that he would like to be remembered in this simple way: as a man who tried. And, he did try, until cancer claimed this remarkable human being. He is survived by his wife LeOla, mother Frances, sister Patricia, daughters Gayle and Kate and son-in-law Yvan, grandchildren Meghan, Colin, Clara, and Zane, and special nieces and nephews.

Family and friends will celebrate his life on Sucia Island in the San Juan Islands later this summer.

Memorial donations can be made to the  Skagit Animals in Need, https://skagitanimalsinneed.org/?fbclid=IwAR15W6G98ZdJSATnJSUSuBQDdpiLBU2AtnAYCuasexZggAnUDviCkdut0S0


  • Colin Kolb

    I will always remember my Grandpa as my favorite storyteller. As someone lucky enough to have shared many fond memories and adventures with him, I feel proud that I have the right to call him my Grandpa. There was so much more I wanted to share with him, but I will cherish the memories I have. Thank you for everything Grandpa, I love you.

  • LeOla

    Nothing in all the world could change the things I love most about you
    The light in your eyes, the warmth of your smile,
    the love in your heart, and the beauty of your soul.

    I miss you, buddy.

  • LeOla

    I just found this poem that you wrote many years ago.
    When they lay me in the ground
    let them write upon my slate
    Here lies a frustrated man
    born over a century too late

    Gone were the free-roaming buffalo
    Cheyenne, Piegan, Blackfeet, and Sioux
    Gone were these old friends of his
    Although him, they never knew

  • Turk

    I am still having a hard time wrapping my head around the fact that I can’t see you anymore although I do talk to you often. I miss your wisdom, stories and hours of laughter. Love you Dad!

  • Vonnie

    The most important thing I want to share with you is my gratitude. You have taken on my kids like they were your own grandchildren and nowhere does it say it was required. Thank you for providing them with a strong example of love and commitment. Thank you for being the man that didn’t leave. Thank you for all the fun times that we wouldn’t have had without you providing them. Thank you for loving us all right where we were and for who we are. You were a huge presence that cannot be replaced by anyone. We were not ready for you to leave us. There were more fish to catch and drinks to drink. I love you and adore you.

  • Monique et Michel Charpentier

    We are so sorry to learn Mike’s passing. We have just lost a very dear friend, it’s too soon. He still had many plans for his retirement. The absent may be more present than the living, this is the case of Mike, we keep wonderful memories of meetings in France.
    Dear LeOla, all our sincere condolences as well as our sustain in this painful period. You are in my thoughts.

  • Lura Dunn

    I will always remember Mike’s deep laugh and sense of humor, his connection to animals, his desire to defend those who have been wronged by others and his sense of adventure. We had many deep and humorous discussions about work and the world with our work friends at our “book club” meetings. Mike’s love for his family was always present when he shared what was going on in their lives. Mike, you will be missed by many and I hope that there is lots of good scotch wherever you are at now!

  • Murty Sue

    Murty Sue, not sure how that came about. Thomas, Doubting Thomas, Mother Courage, Mama C and Thomas Epithicas. All favorites of mine. So many time periods of our lives. What will I do without you?

  • KAS

    Your generosity, wisdom, and humor will live on in all of us. You meant the world to so many. We love you, Dad.

  • Scott and Terri L Zimmerman

    It is with the saddest heart and fondest memories that we write about Mike today. He was a brilliant man with the most sincere loving spirit. His infectious laugh and warm hugs always made you feel loved. His compassion toward others was a guide for all of us to do better. We are so grateful for the good times and memories. Love you friend.

  • Zelma Wells

    I didn’t know Mike very well, but mostly remember him visiting family in Idaho and he and LeOla’s brother Marlin would tell stories and get everyone laughing. Was so sorry to hear of his passing.

  • Terri L Zimmerman

    It is with the saddest heart and fondest memories that I remember Mike today. He was a brilliant man with the most sincere loving spirit. His infectious laugh and warm hugs always made you feel loved. Mike’s compassion toward others was a guide for us all to do better. I’m so grateful for the good times and many memories. Love you my friend❤

  • Eric Thomsen

    All good memories of my years with Mike and Leola in them. Mike taught me how to fall a tree, saddle a horse, and ride. We had a shared interest in history. He was a rare breed and will be missed.

  • David Kerschner

    I believe that my life and the life of anyone who met this gentle bear-of-a-man was made better and more complete. I am grateful for the brief time I spent with him and wish it could have been longer.