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Nick Nickelson Memorial
Nick Nickelson Memorial

Nick Nickelson

Nick Nickelson

Wednesday, November 17th, 2021

Nick L. Nickelson, of Sedro-Woolley, passed away in a car accident on November 17th, 2021, at the age of 43.  The outpouring of grief and love since his death reflects what a tremendous impact he made during his life.  To say Nick will be missed  by his family, friends and community members does not even begin to describe the loss we will all feel from losing such a kind and gentle soul, whose life was cut way too short We are all so proud of Nick.

Nick is survived by his sons, Oliver and Gavin Nickelson and their mother Nicole Bruun.   His sister Bonita Nickelson & her children Justin Temple, wife Allison & their son Emmett,  Krista Temple & Nickolas Temple.  Sister Krissy Nickelson & Cory Gray & her children Patrick  Gray & Cody Gray. Cousins and their families; Miranda Walsh & Sarah Scott, Natalie Walsh & Delbert Samuelsen , Nicole (Walsh) &  Monte Petersen, Susie & Rob Fleming ,  Risse & Sean Davis, Damion Barnett & Jason Begay, Lisa Lodeski, Kim & Troy LaVoie & Doug Lodeski,  Riki & Mike Fowler,  Leslie & Ryan Boudreau, Melinda Tolar, Tammy Lucko, Richard & Sandra Palmer, Derrik Waldbillig & Vanessa Hendrix.  Aunts and Uncles: Linda & Robert Walsh, Kim & Roger Dishman, Carlene Lodeski, Kim Bonnet, Kathy Hill & Rick Giles, & “Grandma” Jan Bonnet.   Nick considered many of his cousins to be siblings and had a special spot in his heart for Auntie Linda as well as his Aunts Kim Dishman &  Carlene Lodeski.  Nick’s Aunts Kim Bonnet & Kathy Hill  spent a lot of time with him as a young boy and he thought fondly of them too.  He lived with his Auntie Linda & Uncle Bob after the passing of his parents in 1990 until he graduated from High School.

He was preceded in death by his parents, Dale & Barbara Nickelson, close cousin, Jolene Campbell (Dishman); Grandparents; Carl & June Nickelson, Lester & Josephine Bonnet & his Uncles Rick Lodeski & Jim Hill.

For sisters Bonita & Krissy their little brother was their ‘rock’, each of them knew they could count on him for strength and support, anytime or place.  They share a very close sibling bond and love. Everyone knew they could count on him if they ever needed anything and his quiet mannerism was matched by only by his steady strength. The Walsh girls loved him dearly and admired Nick as a wonderful big brother.  Miranda, was especially close to Nick.   He is a like a brother to many of his cousins in Montana and Washington. When enjoying Western Montana, Nick grew up surrounded by lots of cousins on the Ranch forming inseparable bonds with each of them.   The Ranch has been in his father Dale’s family for generations.  He also spent time with aunts, uncles, nieces , nephews and grandparents and felt genuinely at home on the Ranch.   He experienced some of his Native American traditions during family celebrations and received his Native American Name “Hunting Bear”. He was gifted with and worked hard at being an excellent role model to his sons, nieces and nephews. He enjoyed the heck out of them and knew their passions and personalities. Nick took time to spend with each and every one of them.  He was an amazing father and the BEST uncle.  Nick was happy he was able to share  that special place and loving family with his sons over the years.   Here in Washington, he felt at home on Prairie Road where he grew up with 7 girl cousins.  He rarely got a word in edgewise.    Nick hung the moon and stars in their eyes and they will forever consider him their dear sweet brother. They supported him in the tough times and he did the same for them.   Both sides of his family were lucky enough to spend time with Nick and to watch him grow into the wonderful person he became.  Nick was respected and loved by all his friends as well.  He often spoke of how lucky he was to have such close friends, he loved them very much and valued their friendships.  Nick would be truly honored to see all the support they are giving to Oliver, Gavin & Nicole.

Nick split his childhood between Montana and Washington. after graduating from Sedro-Woolley High School he went on to attend college and marry Nicole Bruun, with whom he had his two children. They built a beautiful house together in Skagit County with the help of Nicole’s father.  Nick was very detailed oriented and loved to work with his hands.  His love for fishing & hunting began at an early age and continued throughout his life.  Nick especially loved the outdoors and he went on frequent adventures hiking and boating with Oliver and Gavin, as well as with family friends. It was no secret the boys were his most precious gifts. No one could tell a hunting or fishing story like he could, describing  every intricate  detail, it was magical and you felt as if you had been there when he was done… an hour or so later!  He had an appreciation of the great outdoors beyond simple enjoyment, Nick’s relationship with nature and family and friends was deeper than anything we can begin to explain in words. Sometimes he wrote about it, sometimes he photographed but he always shared his passions about it with those around him.

Even though Nick and Nicole are no longer married he knew he could trust  her to continue to provide a loving, secure home and be a great role model for their sons as they grow into adults.  He would be so pleased to see all the support his family and friends have given her during this difficult time.

When he wasn’t working, he could be found spending time with sons, family, and numerous friends. Nick’s biggest source of pride were his two boys, Oliver(16) and Gavin(14).  He devotedly supported his sons in their athletic pursuits, whether it be by coaching or cheering loudly on the sidelines. He had coached Gavin’s soccer team since kindergarten and just a few weeks ago they won their final championship together. The whole sport Community is greatly saddened by Nick’s passing, as he was a coach and excellent role model for their children.  They have reached out and been so supportive it is apparent how much they all thought of him.  Nick also enjoyed watching sports and working on variety projects, whether it be remodeling, taxidermy, or woodworking he would put his heart into it.  Nick was the guy everyone called when something needed to be done right. He was a gifted craftsman and a natural mechanic and engineer.

Nick was fortunate to find a job that incorporated his passions and spent 17 years working for Puget Sound Energy as a Fisheries Specialist.  At Puget Sound Energy he formed many good friendships with his co-workers.   The respect they have for Nick is reflected in all the support they have given to the boys and Nicole.

This world has lost a truly wonderful father, grandson, son, brother, nephew, uncle and friend.

Family and friends were very important to Nick and his passing will leave a hole in many hearts.

We will all be grieving for a long time to come but through sharing all the wonderful memories of such an amazing human being  and supporting one another we will all began to heal… in time.  Nick will be watching over his boys and will always be a part of everyone’s heart and memories.

Please join us in celebrating Nick L. Nickelson’s life  and share your love and support on November 27th, 2021 at  2:00 pm, at the Burlington Community Center 1011 Greenleaf Ave. Burlington Washington 98233

In lieu of flowers please consider donating to establish a memorial in the community to honor Nick.  Contact Jeremy Sitton to contribute:  jeremy12379@yahoo.com or 360-333-9643.


  • Linda Walsh

    Dear Nick,
    I wanted to say this at your service but I could not speak.

    There are not enough words to tell you how much we love you and will miss you. It was a privilege to get to watch over you as you grew into a man and we will be forever grateful we have such good memories.
    Miranda, Natalie & Nicole and their families, along with Uncle Bob and myself are so happy were able to be a part of your life. I know Miranda was especially close to you but they all love you like a big brother.
    You can be at peace knowing our family and many others will watch over your wonderful sons as they grow up. I know you were not ready to leave your sons but we cannot change what has happened, but I can promise you we will Love and support them throughout their lives.
    Forever in my heart.

    To your boys, Oliver & Gavin I want to say:

    Even though no one can ever replace your Dad and make all these feelings you are experiencing disappear, I hope you can take great comfort in knowing you will always have our support and most of all our unconditional love.
    Our family may seem a bit strange and confusing to others, in the sense that your Dad’s aunts & uncles are like your grandparents and his cousins are your aunts and uncles but it is all perfectly normal to us.
    Well, let’s be honest, we are a bit strange and confusing too!

    We cannot predict what twists and turns life will take, all we can predict is that the deep love our family feels for you and one another is not defined by labels and boundaries. It comes from our hearts and will continue forever, long
    after we are all gone. I wish I could say that your lives will not be without difficult times in the years to come but pretending that it will be perfect will not benefit you. It is at the most difficult times that we sometimes grow the
    most as long as we are honest with ourselves, reach out for support and be willing to accept that we do not have all the answers within ourselves. We all make mistakes but I admired your Dad’s willingness to not only recognize when he had made a mistake but to take full responsiblity for any part in it. Most of us make excuses or lay blame on others but he would own it and grow from it and that takes an extreme amount of courage and good character.
    He never gave a second thought to helping people, even when it was inconvenient he never hesitated to pitch in.

    You both are fortunate to have people you can trust to turn to in times of need who will not judge or condemn but will accept and guide you through these times. All this may seem like gibberish right now but I felt it was important to let you know and not just assume you would know that you can reach out for support anytime or place.

    In years to come as you become adults and your words, deeds and actions will define you as a person, I have no doubt you will become wonderful human beings because you have had your Dad as a role model. It is easy to see how much respect and love not just family and close friends have for him but an entire community has reached out in support during this time. That type of community support does not come from your Dad just sitting back and thinking of only himself it is comes from the fact he did not just talk about helping others and being a good person, he did it!

    I cannot and will not try to explain or understand why he was taken from us so soon, that stuff will never make sense to me. Right now I am so broken hearted I cannot think of the future without him, I can only manage one day at a time. Honestly, at times I am down right angry that his life has ended way too soon but I know anger will not let me or others heal. We will never be able to answer the question of ‘why him’ and it is only the passing of time that can begin to heal these deep wounds we have right now.

    Please take comfort in knowing you will never be alone.

    With all my Love,

  • Clint

    Working with Nick was a joy. He was always warm and a true gentleman, he could not have been a nicer person. I was lucky to know him and I pray for his family and friends.

  • Mrs. Karen Kanske

    I remember Nick well from 6th grade at Samish. He had a caring soul and a great smile. My heart goes out to all of you including the Walsh, Giles, Tolar, Fowler and Peterson families. You all are special to me from great memories to the ornaments on the tree that Riki and Mindy made.

  • Ronald Deriana

    Very sorry to hear of Nick’s passing. Sending my prayers to his family and friends.
    God bless. Ron Deriana, Bozeman, MT.

  • Janice Chase

    Sending our heartfelt condolences to Nick’s children and family— everyone he loved. Love and blessings Janice Chase Family / Tucson Az.

  • Becky Luttrell

    Walk with the ones you are with and watch over the ones that are missing you. Rest In Peace my friend.

  • Gail and david Bruun

    We are also praying for all the family and friends that have lost Nick