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William ‘Bill’ Blunt Memorial
William ‘Bill’ Blunt Memorial

William ‘Bill’ Blunt

William ‘Bill’ Blunt

Friday, March 1st, 2019

When the sun rose over the Cascade Mountains on February 8, 1936, the North-Easter was howling out of the Fraser Canyon and across eastern Whatcom County, William Albert Blunt was born, the fourth child of Dwight Lynn Sr. and Florence Edna Blunt.  Preceding William in birth were two sisters, Marlene Elaine and Roselene Gail, and a brother, Dwight Lynn Jr.  Two later siblings were Karen Lea and Cheryl Margaret.

William’s early years were in areas around Bellingham.  He started 1st grade in Marrietta and 3rd grade at Roosevelt Grade School before the family moved to Ferndale where he attended West Mt. View Grade School.

A 1954½ year graduate of Ferndale High School, he enlisted in the USMC Reserve in 1953 and ended his service in 1961.  Active duty was 1955-1957.

In 1958 he was married to Patsey Ann Brown.  They produced three children; Tamara Jane, Gordon William, and Rodney Allen.

After working at the local pulp mill, in a service station, sawmill, and Northwest Airlines, Bill decided to give college a try.  As he was not a solid scholar in high school, there were more than a few doubters.

He quit Northwest Airlines in 1962 which was thought by some to be unwise as during 1962 his salary was nearly $8000.

William graduated from Western Washington State College in 1965 and accepted a teaching position at Concrete High School at a salary of $4100.  I’m sure everyone knows that teachers don’t get paid vacations, holidays, or overtime—they even have to pay their college fees for classes that are required to keep their jobs.

One of the classes William taught at CHS was Traffic Safety; so he accepted an offer to be the Concrete Municipal Court Judge and held that position for many years.

Bill also assisted in coaching as well as his Major of Biology. (Dad Left off here and the kids finished it for him)

Bill taught for 27 years and influenced and encouraged many young men and women to achieve their full potential.  And retirement didn’t slow him down.  In his post retirement activities Bill served on the Skagit County Board of Equalization, promoted land owner rights, and continued to be involved with students at CHS by reviewing senior class projects for many years.

Bill’s many grandchildren and great-grandchild also kept him busy, as tractor rides with Grandpa and stopping for ice cream when Grandma wasn’t around were standard fare.

Bill is survived by Patsey, his loving wife of 60 years; his children, Tamara, Gordon (Kris), and Rodney (Karee) and many grandchildren, Kyle, Chelsea, Ethan (the 1 great-grandchild), Courtney, Melissa, Abigail, Lane, Madeline, Olivia, Jackson, Elijah, Sophia, and Isabella.

Bill leaves a legacy of having inspired many.  Our challenge is to keep that legacy alive and healthy.                   Bill will be remembered at a Celebration of Life on Saturday, March 16th at 2pm at the Sedro-Woolley Community Center, 703 Pacific Street.  Donations may be made to Hospice of the Northwest, 227 Freeway Drive, Suite A, Mount Vernon, WA 98273.

Cremation arrangements are under direction of Lemley Chapel, Sedro-Woolley.



  • Lindy L Doctor

    I’m so sorry, Patsey! I just saw this. I hope you are doing well. I appreciate everything you did for me while working at the Forest Service.

  • Jerry Harrison

    My condolences go out to Mr. Blunt’s family. In 1965, as a freshman, I was lucky enough to be one of Mr. Blunt’s first students at CHS. He made learning fun and I always enjoyed being in his classes. I was so glad I got to talk with him, one last time, at our 40th class reunion ten years ago. I’ve had many teachers and instructors in my life, but I’ll never forget Mr. Blunt.

  • Sally Straathof

    My Hero! Bill Blunt was a great mentor as I joined the staff of Concrete High School in 1983! He was always there to stear me in the right direction as well as giving me tips on how to handle high school students. Even after he retired he continued to help me with Senior Presentations each spring. His son Rodney and my son Brian were initiated into the high school scene together at Burlington-Edison High School. What a fabulous teacher and the students loved him – even being nicknamed “Penguin” after always being seen in the hallway wearing his white shirt and black bow tie! They don’t make teachers like that anymore – he was a legend. You will be missed Bill, thank you for all you did for the kids from Concrete.

  • Judy Sanders

    There was never a better cousin…sweet, bright, loving. I always picture him smiling. So grateful he was part of my life. My love to all. I’m sorry I can’t join you Saturday. My heart is with you. xxxooo

  • Sharon Stewart

    Bill was family to me and my family. In my heart he was my big brother. He was always there when I needed a friend, emotional support, advise, neighbor, a boss or a debate session.
    Bill was honest, fair and a understanding person in his role as a family man, teacher, municipal judge, friend or serving his community.
    Bills goal was to get you to think, explore, learn and understand yourself, your surroundings and the world.
    He earned our respect as is well noted in many memories already written of Bill.
    He was Mr. Blunt! A Life Well Lived!

  • Dawn Ramsey

    True confession, I planned each term’s class schedule around whatever Mr. Blunt taught to ensure I’d have him as a teacher at every opportunity. Regardless of the subject matter or materials used, I knew we would be challenged to learn. I found Bill to be forthright and fair and respected him for it. He taught us how to think for ourselves, to analyze, to question, and speak the truth. He encouraged us to get involved, stay involved, and make a difference in our world. Bill Blunt was a favorite of many and will be deeply missed.

  • Don and Kathy Smith

    Our condolences to all for the loss of Bill. He was a real “stand-up guy,” in the best way. I loved and cherished our time together teaching and coaching at Concrete HS. He was a model not only to his students, but to his peers. Our best to you.

  • Kathy (Ovenell) Roy

    I am so saddened to hear of Mr. Blunt’s passing. He made quite an impact on so many students. Biology and Driver’s Ed were very memorable with Mr. Blunt as the instructor. What a great adventure to get to climb Mt. Sauk on a “field trip”. My prayers and condolences to all the family.

  • Janis D. Schweitzer

    When I started teaching at Concrete H.S. a hundred years ago, Bill was my favorite teacher to sub for. He always left enough work for the kids to do & they knew it had to be turned in at the end of the period, finished or not. I’ve often reflected on our years working together, on Bill’s positive effect on my teaching style, and I have no recollections of him without that impish smile on his face. Have fun in heaven Bill… we’ll miss you down here!

  • Melissa Blunt

    Many memories I will always hold close to my heart. Sitting on his lap during football games while he sang “rock-a-baby-rock,” endless family conversations at the dinner table, watching him in the field assessing the cows (or the nearby elk), hearing him come into the mud room after a long day of work, watching him work on his puzzles, helping him him wash his truck with the best license plate ever!!(EIEIO), watching his grandchildren swing from the rope in the hay barn, learning and listening to his wisdom of the world, eating grandmas homemade fresh berry cobbler with him and our family, and the endless jokes he cracked that always made us giggle as we sat around the table after eating the most delicious dinners altogether. Courtney and I always left the house with full hearts and a little more knowledge than when we first arrived. He was an amazing man, and I was so lucky to have him as my Grandpa. I will love you each and everyday. I will pray to you, I will eat my veggies, and I will always remember how many men have been on the moon, because you quizzed me many, many times.

    Love you Gramps!

  • Chelsea Bounds

    My grandfather was a wonderful amazing man. He inspired so many with his many words of wisdom and as a teacher helped countless students realize their full potential. My family was so very lucky to have him at the head of our table and even though his chair is now empty, the wonderful happy memories he left us with will fill our hearts forever. I miss you all the time Gramps.

  • Steve Currie

    I am deeply saddened by the passing of the best teacher and probably the finest man I have ever known. Over the last 30 years I have quoted him many, many times. “No one can insult you without your permission,” probably the single most important thing I ever learned.
    Bill, Mr. Blunt to most, will be truly missed. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and friends.

  • Scott Hendrickson

    Rest in peace bill you was a great teacher and a good person and will be missed by many

  • Theresa Ashe

    Mr Blunt was one of my favorite teachers. Even when I would see him in town after graduation and starting my adult life he would always stop to catch up on life. I have lived all over the country and driven across the United states multiple time and two things would always come to me from drivers ed. always remember your out. and these idiots need to take drivers ed from Mr Blunt. thank you Mr Blunt. you will be missed

  • Robert Coggins

    I well remember his Biology class and Driver’s Ed class. He sure didn’t put up with any guff! I graduated from Concrete High School in 1970.

  • Katrina Wasson

    MR. Blunt was one of the “good ones”. He was the reason I graduated high school. I don’t think I ever got to tell him that. I still tell people about him to this day. I have fond memories of biology class (which I failed the first time around even though I did well on the exams) and of drivers education. He will forever have a place as one of my favorites.
    Rest In Peace Mr. Blunt.

  • Kristine Duncan

    You are missed Mr. Blunt! Memories of you as our teacher roll out every time a few of your students gather. You were a favorite for so many of us CHS grads. A mentor & friend, with high expectations of your students. Such a role model! Rest in Peace.

  • Allison Punteney

    So sorry to hear of Bill’s passing, so many memories of him: Babysitting, being a dog catcher while in school at Western, for some reason he always caught our dog Tess, which we didn’t know it was Bill till he became a teacher in Concrete), in his classes at C.H.S, and of course as our Driver’s Ed teacher. We drove all the way to Central for a special conference, my first time driving in Seattle, boy was I nervous, he didn’t blink an eye. Blessings to your family and know that your Dad made a huge difference in many lives, and will be remembered in our hearts.

  • Cathy Mueller (DuVarney)

    Mr. Blunt was always a favorite of mine. He will be missed by many former students!

  • David A. Hooper

    Bill was a very influential figure in my formative years as a high school student at Concrete. I am deeply sorrowful to hear of his passing. My sympathies to friends and family. I know he will be greatly missed.

  • Frances Parker

    So sorry for your loss. Bill was a great teacher. Many memories in drivers education driving in the snow. Bill was making sure we knew how to drive on icy roads with confidence. Biology was another class, dissecting and knowing what we were looking at. Prayers for the Blunt family during this time of grieving.

  • Linda ( Miles) Lundberg

    My thoughts & prayers are with Bill’s family at this difficult time. May your Faith, Family, Friends & Many Happy Memories help you in the days to come. You have a Very Special Guardian Angel watching over you 24/7. Bill was a great teacher of mine at C.H.S. Going to miss the over 50 years of his advise & FRIENDSHIP.
    R. I. P. Bill.